Singapore moves to prepare workers for a green economy

SINGAPORE: Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong has revealed plans to equip Singapore's workers with relevant skills for a green economy.

The minister said all professions and industries have something to learn about the country's sustainability goals. Investment managers, for example, must know about green financing and sustainability standards, traditional car mechanics should learn to repair electric vehicles also, and a power generation engineers must study renewable energies and related technology.

"There are also skills that are transferable across sectors, such as carbon footprint management and sustainability management. These skills can equip our existing workforce to take on new or transformed jobs in the green economy," he added.

The Singapore government has confirmed its plans to transform Singapore into a low-carbon emission economy. Part of its strategy will involve forming a new academy to train local experts in environmental research, and technical expertise.

Workforce Singapore is also working to explore a Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for sustainability professionals. One such programme focusing on clean and renewable energy professionals was rolled out in September last year. Each CCP aims to help mid-career professionals to transition into new jobs or sectors through skills conversion.

"Over the next two years, the new CCP will support the transition of up to 150 existing employees that are impacted and mid-careerists from other sectors into the clean and renewable energy-related roles," Gan said.

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