Singapore-Indonesia deal on HR training for maritime officers

SINGAPORE: Singapore has signed a three-year extension of its Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesia, pledging to continue HR development between government officers in maritime industries.

The extension, signed between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DGST) of Indonesia, will lead to 20 years of cooperation. It signifies the renewed commitment to developing the skills of both Singaporean and Indonesian officers in the maritime fields. This includes training in both enhanced navigational safety, and marine environmental protection.

Around 1,600 officials have participated in almost 100 programs and trainings during the 17-year partnership thus far.

Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority. said the memorandum was a testament to the close maritime ties between Indonesia and Singapore. "The greater exchange of knowledge and best practices will continue to raise the technical capability of our officers,” he added.

Arif Toha, DGST's Acting Director-General of Sea Transportation, stated, “This (deal) aims to improve the technical capability of the officers of the two organisations. It facilitates more frequent exchanges and greater cross-learning between the maritime agencies of Indonesia and Singapore”.

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