Singapore facing its own Great Resignation in 2022: Indeed

SINGAPORE: The island state could be set to experience its own Great Resignation this year, according to a survey by jobs portal, Indeed.

It found that almost half of Singapore workers (49%) are unsure if they will stay in their present positions in the next six months. The data also shows that 24% of workers plan to definitely leave their current employer in the same period.

The pandemic has been the basic driver of this overwhelming desire for staff to quit their roles. Over 42% of the survey respondents that were planning to resign said the pandemic had affected their decision, making them realise they disliked their current employment (49%), were suffering from increased stress levels (46%), increased workloads (44%), burnout (33%), and isolation (20%).

The respondents said they would not quit if they were to receive higher salaries (56%), greater flexibility (56%), and opportunities for career development (45%). Appreciation from bosses (41%), access to good healthcare (33%), and mental health support (30%) were further strategies their companies could employ to stave off resignations.

“Like in most other countries, Singaporean workers have been living with uncertainty, increased stress, and other repercussions caused by the pandemic for almost two years," Kate Furey, Director of Corporate Communications for Indeed Asia-Pacific said. "It’s affected people deeply and led to reflection on many aspects of their lives, work included.

“Whilst higher pay, flexible working and new opportunities may encourage workers to remain their jobs, the effects of the pandemic are still unfolding, and employees and organisations will have to navigate this process for some time yet.”

Other findings from the research published early this year, include:

  • 25% of respondents had already switched jobs in 2021

  • 20% had been in their current jobs for five to six years

  • 52% of married respondents were fully supported by their spouses in quitting their jobs last year

The survey was conducted among 1,002 participants in December, 2021.

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