Singapore employers now view coding as a must-have skill

SINGAPORE: A large majority of employers in Singapore now deem coding skills essential to adapt to the rapid digitalisation of work processes.

That's according to NTUC LearningHub, in its Industry Insights Report on Coding. Its research more than four in five (84% of the surveyed) employers believe employees across various job roles and departments must have basic coding skills and knowledge to get ahead in today's economy. To add to that, nearly a third of them (31%) also found that most of the roles across their various departments needed basic and advanced coding skills.

About 53% of these employers believed that jobs needing basic coding were growing in number.

NTUC LearningHub's Director of Infocomm Technology, Anthony Chew says in today's highly digitalised world, the ability to code is a critical skill even for non-tech employees. "As companies increasingly adopt the use of low-code platforms, it is now possible for business users to develop applications, carry out data analysis, create machine learning models, and automate tasks,” he added.

The report sought to unveil the value of acquiring coding knowledge, the demand for tech-lite and tech-heavy roles, the priority skills required of employees, and provide recommendations for aspiring coders from varying backgrounds and competency levels.

It surveyed 200 business leaders from different industries in Singapore and interviewed NTUC LearningHub’s experts and its industry partners.

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