Singapore staff say 'yes' to robot cleaners at work

Updated: May 10

SINGAPORE: Robot cleaners at the office, anyone? A majority (84%) of employees in the country have indicated a clean workspace is vital and perceive the role of robot cleaners positively in achieving this clean state.

In a joint research effort by SoftBank Robotics and Milieu Insight, the Workplace Smart Cleanliness Study found that 75% of employees believed the collaboration of human and machine cleaners was the most ideal cleaning set-up.

Additionally, 74% of the surveyed employees wanted more transparency in cleanliness statistics, especially when it came to air quality (the top concern), cleaning frequency, and virus transmission risk.

When it comes to robot cleaners, 85% of the employees viewed them as effective in undertaking vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors, air-purifying, and disinfecting surfaces.

Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer for SoftBank Robotics Group Corp., said the company's collaborative robots (or "Cobotics) inspired partnerships between workers and robots, or other automation tools to improve (the) employee experience. "This survey is extremely insightful for employers and building owners to understand the importance of using data to reassure our Singapore workforce that there are specific benchmarks in place to ensure that their office is safe and clean,” he added.

The Workplace Smart Cleanliness Study was conducted via Milieu’s proprietary survey community of 1,000 office workers in Singapore aged 16 and above.

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