Singapore and Malaysia firms adopting cloud computing: study

SOUTHEAST ASIA: The demand for cloud products and services is rising amongst enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia, with the pandemic accelerating a trend toward digitisation for greater efficiency and productivity.

This is according to a new research report published by Information Services Group, a global technology research and advisory firm.

The increasing adoption of cloud computing is related to several enterprise IT trends in the region, including growing needs for automation, sustainability and edge computing.

The report found that with technology unemployment at or near record lows, and immigration in both countries reduced due to the pandemic, the shortage of IT skills is a particular challenge for Singapore and Malaysia.

More investment in automation and a rethinking of how to fill the skills gaps are needed to address the shortage, according to the report.

“Digital transformation is on the rise in Singapore and Malaysia and will continue to grow,” said Deepraj Emmanuel, Director, ISG Asia Pacific.

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