Seek Asia: The new hiring marketplace of 2022

Seek Asia’s Hernando Betita III delves into the new trends he’s seeing among both job seekers and hiring managers. He also explains what has been holding back some job seekers and why that might be about to change in 2022.

COS Asia: Have you seen any new trends among job seekers or hirers in 2021 and heading into the new year? How do these changes impact your strategies?

Betita: There have been many changes. One of the biggest is fear and hesitancy to change work. The layoffs and unemployment rates have risen, but we don’t see an increase in job-seeking behaviour because of fear. Job security concerns have increased, but job-seeking behaviour has been suppressed.

It has affected our marketing strategy, forcing us to over-index on motivational content, so the campaign that we’re running now focuses on motivating and inspiring people to persevere and be the “heroes” of their journey. We’re working with influencers, celebrities, leaders, and motivational speakers, to provide this motivational content so that people will not be afraid to pursue their dreams. One of the trends we’re seeing is the focus of companies on tech-savviness and being digital-first, working in remote environments.

COS Asia: What does the HR profession mean to you and your brand? Are you looking to promote or celebrate the profession within your products and platforms?

Betita: It’s a staple to always have and feature top employers. We implemented the “Thank You” campaign to celebrate hirers who continued to provide jobs during the pandemic. We also ran surveys to determine the top employers, made advertising materials that featured hirers, and gathered testimonials from hiring managers, and featured them on our social media platforms.

I led a campaign called Jobs that Matter which won several marketing awards. This campaign was the first such promotion in 25 years. We revamped the website, the user experience, our logo, our brand colours. We call it a “brand evolution.”

We have also invested in career upskilling through our partner, FutureLearn, which has so far provided more than 100 free courses for people whose careers had been displaced during the pandemic.

COS Asia: You have been with Seek Asia for only a few years; and spent much of your earlier career in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Which is more challenging, making campaigns for products, or people’s careers?

Betita: I would say that there are a lot of similarities. Where it gets slightly more complicated is the constant shift in the category in the marketplace. That means there will be some industries and specialisations that become more important for a certain time and would have a talent deficit. We need to give extra focus to connecting both the supply and the demand. That constantly fluctuates and that makes it difficult because we’re always trying to match supply and demand and run micro-campaigns to fill those gaps. Whereas, a typical consumer product is more static. Innovations and changes to the product only happen so often.

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