Security a key challenge amid the rise of hybrid work: report

ASIA PACIFIC: Cyber-security has become a major priority for IT leaders in organisations implementing hybrid work models, according to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

As employees' access to insecure devices, networks, and data resources poses significant challenges to organisations, IT business leaders should be looking for ways to ensure the security of data and corporate resources from threats, without impacting productivity.

"Leaders should not think hybrid work means a sacrifice for security," said Dr Lily Phan, Research Director, Future of Work at IDC.

The top security concerns are related to work devices, such as sensitive information accessed on unmanaged networks and devices (51% of survey respondents highlighted this challenge), compliance (46%), work devices communicating over unsecured networks (43%), and the inability to monitor the security posture of work devices (40%).

"Although there are more security challenges for organizations to address in hybrid work environments, having IT security strategies with measurable KPIs, and the right security products will bring tremendous value to productivity and business growth," Phan said.

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