UN sees slow rebound of tourism jobs in Southeast Asia

SOUTHEAST ASIA: More countries in the region are opening their borders, helping to kickstart a recovery of millions of jobs that Covid-19 displaced.

In Vietnam and Cambodia especially, where the tourism sectors account for more than 10% of the national economy, reviving the sector is seen as critical to fast-tracking post-pandemic economic stability.

In Thailand, the government has relaunched its quarantine-free travel scheme, while in Indonesia, authorities are looking to expand the same set-up across the nation (currently only being implemented in Bali).

Malaysia has freely opened its border with Singapore only, but was planning to re-open to the rest of the world from today, April 1.

And Singapore meanwhile, has opened the country to all fully vaccinated travelers without applying for entry approvals, also from today.

As more countries begin to ease movement restrictions, however, the United Nations said international travel won’t be able to support the region’s tourism sector until at least 2024.

It noted that the sector’s recovery would remain “fragile” and “slow” due to the different policies employed in countries all over the globe.

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