Salary, benefits top priority for Thai students

THAILAND: Competitive base salaries and benefit packages for Thai students entering the workforce, a survey by branding agency Universum found.

With over 12,000 participating students from 23 universities in the country, the survey tracks the career aspiration and preparation of Thailand’s future talent pool.

Apart from salary and benefits, the survey also revealed that students are placing greater importance on employers who offer flexible working arrangements. It also found that remote work is a key factor to attract Thailand’s future workforce.

The survey showed that 93% of respondents expressed interest in remote working opportunities, despite concern about overextending themselves in remote work setups.

"In order to attract the best young talent in Thailand, employers need to communicate clear and attractive policies around remote working, staying quiet on the subject will be seen as a negative by digitally savvy talent starting their careers," Mike Parsons, APAC managing director for Universum said.

When it comes to annual salary, the respondents stated the desire for THB 479,000 a year (SGD 17,912) — an increase from THB 431,689 (SGD 16,142) in last year’s survey. Additionally, the difference in the gender gap in expected annual salary has risen by 1%, with expected salaries of men at THB 519,294 (SGD 19,418) and women at THB 464,618 (SGD 17,374).

The survey also found that Google remains the most ideal employer among business students— a spot that the tech company has held since 2020.

This is followed by Shopee, rising through the ranks by six places. Oil and gas company PTT has also remained the number one employer of choice among engineering talent.

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