Salaries for tech talent in Singapore remain high: report

SINGAPORE: The salaries for technology talent, especially those within the data security industry, are set to remain high despite the economic slowdown taking place in Singapore.

That's according to the Singapore Salary Report 2022/2023, launched by GRIT, a Singapore-based recruitment and solutions firm, this month,

Data security roles have the highest monthly starting pay, with a junior SAP consultant role starting at SGD 6,000 per month. A senior penetration and vulnerability tester role starts at SGD 6,500.

The starting pay of a chief information security officer is now SGD 8,500.

The report noted that more businesses are recognising the importance of data analysis in making informed decisions.

“Now, more than ever, companies are looking for tech talent to bring their businesses to the next level," said Paul Endacott, CEO and Founder of GRIT.

"In Singapore, the demand has not waned in recent years and many individuals are looking for better job prospects."

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