Rising demographic challenges manpower for employers

INDONESIA: A sizeable demographic "bonus" and expected industrial revolution are driving current manpower challenges facing Indonesia's employers, the Ministry of Manpower has said.

Secretary General for the Ministry, Anwar Sanusi, explained these two phenomenon, unique to Indonesia, at the recent G20 Summit,

Currently, the "demographic bonus" in Indonesia adds two million new workers annually to the workforce, either with or without the pandemic, Sanusi said.

With the existing working age-group mainly comprising of millennials and Generation Z , new workers will need to keep up with the changes brought on by the digital needs of Industry 4.0, as jobs today have a distinct pattern and a different way of working, he added.

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased unemployment to a startling 29 million people, while even more others have had their expected working hours reduced. Sanusi said these challenges could be overcome if the country capitalised on its own existing potential, including through IT development.

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