Singaporeans look abroad for professional opportunities

SINGAPORE: Even though local hiring is promising, the country’s professional job seekers are increasingly searching for opportunities abroad.

Job portal Indeed’s data shows a recent 72% surge in job searches for other markets.

Most of these (24%) were searches for work in the US, which tops the list of preferred countries to work in IT, customer service, and administration.

Canada was the second most favoured destination for Singaporean job-seekers, with almost 10% of the queries. Britain, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India were the other choice destinations.

IT, customer service, administration, and healthcare have been the most sought after industries for international job searches.

Florence Yip, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition with Indeed Singapore, noted that Singapore has a well-educated and cosmopolitan workforce. "With the borders reopening globally, they would want to experience opportunities elsewhere to work in different environments, either as a career boost or to have a different professional experience," she said.

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