Report: Hybrid or remote work key to a tech talent shortage

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Remote or hybrid working will be the norm among most digital economies, even in the aftermath of the pandemic, new research has revealed.

This work arrangement is seen as most helpful for companies battling the technology talent crunch. This is one of the key results of professional services firm Aon’s 2022 Asia Market Review, its ninth annual publication on the risk management and mitigation landscape in Asia.

Other findings when it came to the workplace included:

  • Companies will need to deploy lead analytics to understand their workforce and implement programmes that build agility and resilience.

  • With employees’ return to the worksite as companies maintain flexibility, determining the right working model is a multi-faceted process based on various factors.

  • Linking employee financial wellbeing to existing employee benefits will drive perceived value.

  • Foregrounded by volatile investment markets and rising inflation, monetary policies and regulatory settings will tighten, which will impact bond yields and employer pension accounting liabilities.

  • Life expectancies will continue to increase, due to wealth and healthcare improvements, as will above-inflation healthcare cost rises.

  • Ecosystems and the digital platforms that enable them will continue to influence the future of business. Having an impact the "New Better" will no longer be about offering the right product, but about advice and holistic solutions that will give organisations greater clarity and confidence.

The report presents an overview of what to expect from the economic recovery and reopening of the diverse Asian markets. It explores the major market-shaping forces of 2022 based on Aon's continuous analysis coming from the industry's leading sources of data.

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