Recruiting IT talents at lower costs with ShowMeBug platform

HR TECHNOLOGY: ShowMeBug provides a technical skill assessment platform and talent evaluation system to help companies recruit IT talent at lower costs.

This made this Chinese-founded tech platform attractive enough to recently raise USD 15.45 million in a Series A financing round by Sequoia Capital and Hillhouse Capital.

The platform realized that the process of screening applicants can be difficult and time-consuming. ShowMeBug claimed that a large company with more than 5,000 employees has to conduct between 10,000 and 20,000 interviews and written tests per year. In total, recruiting a single computer programmer often costs more than USD 23,900.

ShowMeBug offered HR professionals to streamline the process by registering in their website to access and select interview questions from the database and then devise a skill test before the interview. Shortlisted candidates can answer the questions through a link provided by the registered HR staff. ShowMeBug will then analyse and process the results for the interviewers.

The company said it can ably support more than 100,000 simultaneous online interviews and administer assessments in more than 30 programming languages.

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