Study finds staff are ready for the metaverse in the workplace

SINGAPORE: A study commissioned by networking systems provider Ciena, has found that 98% of Singaporean business professionals deem virtual meetings to be necessary, while 80% say they would happily participate in work meetings in virtual spaces.

The study was conducted in June this year, and canvassed 15,000 professionals from 15 countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

The study found that 57% of Singaporean business professionals agree that virtual meetings were convenient, compared to in-person meetings.

44% of those surveyed also agreed that virtual meetings created a safe space for better collaboration among colleagues. When it comes to cost, 38% said that virtual meetings were cheaper than in-person meetings.

The metaverse is also becoming part of existing work practice, with 56% of those surveyed thinking their work would move to a virtual-reality-based environment within the next three years.

Moreover, 88% of Singaporean business professionals agreed that they were ready to conduct more formal, HR-type work meetings in a virtual space.

However, there are still several drawbacks.

The study found that the inability to read in-person expressions and emotions, as well as virtual meeting fatigue. often deter businesses from using virtual-collaboration tools at work.

There are also concerns about associated costs, and that the technology is not readily available.

“While network reliability is currently seen as a barrier to working in the metaverse, Singapore has been gaining momentum in strengthening its digital infrastructure to support the development of a digital economy, especially with significant progress in making island-wide 5G coverage a reality,” Dion Leung, the regional managing director of Ciena in Southeast Asia, said.

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