Radio industry to amp up the volume on HR competencies

INDONESIA: The ministry of communication and informatics is set to boost human resource competencies in the radio broadcasting industry.

The ministry of communication is conducting programs to hone skills in scriptwriting, editing and other relevant activities to ensure the radio broadcast industry remains relevant in the digital age.

"In the future, the radio industry has to be prepared to handle digital disruption and global competition," said communications minister Johny Plate.

"The ministry continues to disseminate licensing logistics and hold capacity improvement program for human resources in a radio broadcast by inviting practitioners and experts in the field of broadcasting," he added.

The communications ministry is committed to safeguard the radio industry, including acting against illegal or unlicensed radio.

"The government, along with related stakeholders, will continue to advance the policy to encourage and to increase opportunities for the radio industry's growth driven by the creativity of radio enthusiasts in Indonesia," Plate affirmed.

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