Publicis Groupe boosts mental health wellness program

MALAYSIA: In an effort to improve employee wellness and de-stigmatise mental health in the workplace, creative network Publicis Groupe has announced that it will be strengthening its Employee Mental Wellness Program in conjunction with World Mental Health Day 2022.

The program, launched last year, is intended to assist employees in managing stress and anxiety, in light of fast-paced market demands and shorter turnaround times.

“Many businesses are quite rightly recognising that their employees’ productivity is closely linked to their health and well-being," Neil Hudspeth, CEO of Publicis Groupe Malaysia said.

"I believe employers must also embrace the fact that besides physical health, mental health is an equally important component of total well-being and that it should be prioritised and normalised."

The company has lined up a month-long employment engagement activity such as yoga, Walking Wednesdays and TikTok Thursdays.

Other events include CalmerSutra sessions where employees learn how to manage stress and a laugh session with comedian Kevin Jay.

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