Probe finds no unreasonable pay disparities at Ubisoft Singapore

Updated: Feb 7

SINGAPORE: No action will be taken against video game company Ubisoft, following an investigation into claims of salary disparities and workplace harassment by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP).

TAFEP said the French company that produces games such as Assassins' Creed, and Just Dance follows a fair and structured process for employee remuneration.

TAFEP explained that salaries were performance-based, and any disparities were reasonably justified according to seniority or experience. It noted that the company acted appropriately on reported harassment cases, and made arrangements to solve disputes.

In July last year, gaming community website Kotaku published a report on Ubisoft's working culture based on interviews with over 20 current and former employees. It claimed that the company did not adequately pay its junior developers and that the salary gap between residents and expatriates was “insane.”

The report also mentioned Ubisoft’s former managing director in Singapore Hugues Ricour, who was fired at the end of 2020 after allegations of sexual misconduct within the office.

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