Tech brands unite for a coordinated training program

Updated: May 13

SINGAPORE: A group of Asia-Pacific technology brands have joined hands for a series of employee upskilling sessions.

Dubbed The Great Upskill, Hubspot, Boston Consulting Group RISE, EngageRocket, Meltwater, and Aircall are giving each of their employees a full workday for training and job-related learning this week.

The movement is aligned with new research from HubSpot, which found almost two-thirds of Singaporean workers think a lack of time is the main barrier to upskilling.

Also, 81% of Singaporeans want their employer to prioritise job-related learning and upskilling. A further 78% said upskilling was on the low end of the to-do list when they were busy.

The Great Upskill is part of HubSpot’s yearly World Certification Week, from May 9 to 13, this year. First introduced in 2020, World Certification Week is open to all leaders, employees, and students to complete professional development training with a free certification from HubSpot Academy.

“Providing our teams with the time and space to dedicate to learning is vital — not just to the individual who values upskilling to grow and feel engaged at work but to future-proof businesses too," said Kat Warboys, Asia Pacific Marketing Director at HubSpot. "Our research shows more than 70% of employees today are looking for workplaces that prioritise learning and development over a competitive salary.”

Chee Tung Leong, Co-Founder of EngageRocket, said the company's EngageRocket Academy offers businesses a wealth of information around trends that define the way people work, opportunities for employee experience and improvement and ways for business leaders to prepare and plan for working in the new normal. "As businesses face a talent crunch in Southeast Asia, investing, enabling, and empowering existing team members is key to continued success and resilience for these businesses,” he said.

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