PM Lee gives nod to 75% of employees' return-to-office

SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced the government’s latest move in line with its “living with Covid-19” policies, including allowing up to 75% of employees currently working from home to return to their workplaces, starting March 29.

"Taking all things into consideration, we believe that we are now ready to take a decisive step forward towards living with Covid-19," Lee stressed.

Lee explained that Singapore was now able to ease restrictions related to the pandemic. He attribute this to high vaccination levels, with 95% of the eligible population completing the full regimen of two jabs, and 71% receiving the further booster shot.

The prime minister earlier acknowledged that the country’s progress in fighting Covid-19 was a result of a united effort, with businesses and essential workers continuously serving to keep the economy afloat.

He emphasised the effort that healthcare workers specifically had put in.

"Pulling long shifts, day after day, week after week, since the start of the pandemic; returning to work on rest days to cover for colleagues who caught the virus; putting up with all the safety measures at the hospitals; risking exposure as you cared for infected patients," Lee noted.

Apart from the return-to-office mandate, capacity limits for larger events and gatherings with more than 1,000 people will be increased to 75% as well, while group size limits will increase up to 10 people from the former five.

The prime minister outlined these changes to safe management measures and also made mask-wearing when outdoors optional.

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