Working women will be key to pandemic recovery plan: ILO

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

PHILIPPINES: The International Labor Organization said that the Philippines needs a gender-responsive pandemic recovery plan because many female workers and business owners have additional responsibilities like caring for their families at home.

The Philippine Women’s Economic Network chair Ma. Aurora D. Geotina-Garcia agreed, citing that “many women, whether employees or entrepreneurs, have been severely impacted by what initially started as a health crisis but has now become a severe economic crisis.”

“Employers indeed play a crucial role to shape a future of work based on dignity and respect for all, free from violence and harassment,” added Khalid Hassan, ILO’s Country Office for the Philippines director.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, as of January 2021, the labour force participation rate was much higher for men at 73.9% than for women, where the equivalent rate was 46.9%.

Realizing the need to spread awareness on this concern, the Employers Confederation of the Philippines and the Philippine Women’s Economic Network signed a memorandum of agreement to create a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that will oversee initiatives that promote gender equality in the workplace.

ILO expressed support for the initiative, offering its Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Workforce Readiness and Development Programme to the cause.

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