Personal data protection set to enter enforcement phase

THAILAND: The Ministry of the Digital Economy and Society says Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act will be fully enforced from June 1 this year.

The personal data protection committee is expected to be finalised this month, after its postponement for more than two years.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha says the implementation will be divided into two phases. "The first phase will take 18 months and will focus on the development and promotion of the platform. Training will also be provided to 2,000 personnel from 200 government agencies," he said.

"The second phase will promote and evaluate the use of the platform in the private sector."

The PDPA features 10 separate regulations, including a standardised consent format for personal data usage. There will also be personal data protection guidelines for personal data controllers in seven sectors: healthcare, retail and e-commerce, education, logistics, travel, property, and asset management, as well as state agencies and administration.

The new rules are expected to help ease the overall financial burden on the state sector, at the same time as making online transactions more secure.

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