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Permanent hires outpace part-time positions in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Seventy-nine percent of new hires in the last six months were for permanent, full time positions, while 9% of full-time employees were laid off during the same period, according to the latest data from Jobstreet by SEEK.

The report, “2022-2023 Outlook Hiring, Compensations & Benefits” was based on data from hiring personnel from 438 companies in Singapore.

It also showed that 16% of companies did not hire new employees, while 14% hired contractual or temporary full-time employees.

The top five job functions hired for full-time positions are admin and HR (27%), sales or business development (23%), accounting (21%), engineering (18%) and customer service (13%).

Hiring is back to pre-pandemic levels, according to 52% of the companies surveyed, while 29% of companies said they will recover within the next nine months.

Overall, employers’ confidence in Singapore’s job market increased to 50% for the first six months of 2023, higher than the 42% reported for the same period last year.

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