Payment debate for unvaccinated staff excluded from workplaces

The Philippines is urging companies to continue to pay their unvaccinated employees, even though they are now barred from most workplaces.

Labor Secretary Seilvestre Bello III has said that the Department of Labor and Employment would issue an order to those firms who were not allowing their unvaccinated employees to report to work.

The order will allow unvaccinated employees to still receive their daily, weekly, or monthly wages.

The minister reiterated his advisory that unvaccinated workers should still be able to go to work, and should not be discriminated against.

“There is no legal basis for employers to compel their workers to be vaccinated, in fact, it’s a violation of freedom of choice, as guaranteed by the Constitution,” said Minister Bello.

The Labor Minister also assured workers that they could report to DOLE if their employers discriminated against them.

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