Over 4 million workers to get unemployment benefits

VIETNAM: Over 3 million Ho Chi Minh City labourers and almost 1.5 million Hanoi workers are set to receive allowances from the unemployment insurance fund, according to the Social Insurance Agency.

The total allowances are expected to be worth VND 6 trillion (US$264 million) for Ho Chi Minh City and VND 4.2 trillion (US$185 million) for Hanoi respectively.

This was part of a raft of new support policies for both employers and workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and will use the existing unemployment insurance fund. Each eligible worker will receive between VND 1.8 million (USD 79) and VND 3.3 million (USD 145 USD) will be given to each worker depending on the time they have paid unemployment premiums.

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