Over 1.2 million jobseekers return to work

PHILIPPINES: Over 1.2 million job seekers in the Philippines have secured jobs from January to August of this year, with the help of the Public Employment Service Office (PESO).

This is part of the One Million Job project that was launched by the Philippines government and business groups to create one million jobs by year-end. Sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and tourism are looking for employees in hopes to re-open its economy through tourism from 1 October.

“Our PESO was able to facilitate about 1.2 million job seekers. They have been placed for employment, the data is from January to August of this year,” said DOLE Assistant Secretary Dominique Tutay in a virtual forum.

However, Secretary Tutay said the figure was much higher before the pandemic. “This is not much compared to the more than 2 million that we are facilitating pre-pandemic. So you would see the impact of Covid-19 when it comes to employment facilitation,” she said.

She added that the current number would be better if more establishments were able to operate, “It would be better if we open up our economy. I think that 50 to 75 percent is a big thing for us to boost our state of employment,” she said.

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