Ovation Productions: Renen De Guia runs entertainment empire

Updated: Oct 21

INTERVIEW: Food, shelter, and clothing are life’s necessities. Undeniably, entertainment runs at a close fourth.

In the Philippines, Ovation Productions is synonymous with some of the biggest live events and concerts. It’s the good news bearer to wide-eyed music enthusiasts, who have gone gaga for the likes of Sting, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, the Backstreet Boys, and more big stars, who have visited the country for their major concert tours.

Chief of Staff Asia recently spoke with the company’s President and CEO Renen De Guia, who traced back the company’s success to the loyal staff working with him for the past 43 years.

“There is no secret, only pure hard work and the willingness to take risks,” he says.

“You get a real kick out of this business if your heart is into events and music, and not particularly fond of staying glued to your office desk from nine to five, working the phones, and attending endless meetings.

“Sometimes it also includes those things, but the nature of the business gives you an excuse to do a lot of local and international traveling, watch concerts and musicals for free, and meet famous people!”

De Guia noted that a strong market reputation also helped to propel the business to new heights.

“Being around for 43 years gives us an edge, as there seems to be an instant recall of our brand name,” he says. “It seems we are doing justice to our brand. Many seem to think Ovation Productions brings every other concert to Manila, and it is quite flattering.”

As if not satisfied with the successes of his entertainment ventures, his group recently birthed TapGo, a live TV streaming service in the Philippines. “We are always open to trying out something new,” he says. “It was my wife, Cel, and former Solar Entertainment Corporation COO Peter Chanliong, who were initially exploring the idea. The next thing I knew, people were moving into our office setting up laptops, mounting monitors, connecting wirings, and putting up a huge satellite dish atop our building,” the entertainment mogul narrates.

Despite the heavily populated market for streaming services, De Guia says the timing couldn’t have been better. TapGo has been able to fill the void that the Fox Networks Group left when it ceased operations in the Philippines in late 2021.

“We are quite happy with how things are turning out for TapGo TV app, which has the exclusive rights to show the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Formula One, the (US) National Football League, The Today Show, and the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar,” he gladly shares.

“Soon we will have more than 40 channels, including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and the Knowledge Channel,” he notes.

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