Employers urged to sponsor vocational skills development

Updated: Jul 25

SINGAPORE: Employers have been urged to sponsor role-based skills development in universities, or even set up their own vocational training institutions.

Ina Bajwa, Global Head – Learning and Development at Tata Communications, delivered that key message at an event in honour of ahead of World Youth Skills Day on 15 July.

Bajwa stressed the importance of increasing the employability of youth in Singapore.

"Many enterprises have now established training programmes, where young people from diverse backgrounds can apply to receive industry-grade education – often from a bootcamp or a school -- before being absorbed into the company's workforce," Bajwa said. "This not only helps young people gain the latest relevant skills, but also ensures those skills are well-represented across that company’s employee base."

Bajwa said Tata Communications had rolled out an artificial intelligenc-based platform called Talent Central, that brings together insights from across all of its existing talent systems. This initiative aims to provide advice to all employees on how to prepare themselves for the future the roles they aspire to.

Earlier this month, Minister of State for Education and Manpower Gan Siow Huang said at the World Youth Skills Day Asia Pacific Symposium that young Singaporeans are in need of technical skills in the digital and green economies as these types of skills would be in large demand in the future of work.

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