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AI-backed career platform OppTy hits the market

SINGAPORE: Homegrown startup OppTy has launched its career platform that aims to streamline job search and headhunting process by matching suitable candidates to available job openings using artificial intelligence (AI).

For recruiters, OppTy allows them to manage the full recruitment workflow up to hiring and onboarding on its dashboard. Once a job opening is posted, the AI-powered smart candidate tool helps pool together a list of candidates best suited for each job opening, including candidates who may not be actively looking for a job, but may be a good fit for the position.

The platform also provides functions to streamline the interview process, such as psychometric tests and an automated scheduler function, which automatically contacts candidates to schedule interviews.

For jobseekers, OppTy offers a resume creation and portfolio maintenance function where AI algorithms will recommend relevant skill sets, qualifications and accomplishments to be included in their résumé.

OppTy also provides a career roadmap assistance service which shows potential careers that jobseekers may explore based on their current qualifications, skills and interests.

The app also prepares candidates for the interview process by earmarking relevant skills that should be highlighted and suggests questions to prepare for before the interview.

To date, OppTy has amassed nearly 5,000 users across 1,800 companies.

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