New initiatives launched for lifelong learning in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing (pictured) says there is an urgent need for wide-scale upskilling and reskilling across the Singapore workforce.

Speaking to the National University of Singapore's Lifelong Learning Festival last month, Chan said the competitiveness of the people and the country did not depend on the size of its land or the abundance (or scarcity) of its resources.

"Our challenge is never about just producing a cohort of 30,000 or 40,000 graduates a year from our [institutes of higher learning]," he said. "It is that, plus reskilling half a million or more adult learners every year to keep pace with the competition."

At the festival, NUS rolled out new initiatives to make it easier to pursue postgraduate studies at the university,

For example, the university will extend a 10% tuition fee rebate to all Singaporeans and permanent residents enrolling in close to 70 masters degree programmes not already subsidised by the government.

NUS alumni can avail of an additional 5% tuition fee rebate for those same programmes.

The university also vowed to increase capacities of popular graduate certificate courses that are relevant to the future economy. These subject areas include analytics, technology management ,and technological innovation.

"NUS seeks to help Singapore's workers future-proof themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to an increasingly demanding working environment," NUS President Tan Eng Chye said.

"These new initiatives are part of our longstanding effort to encourage a culture of lifelong learning amongst our staff, graduates, and the larger Singapore workforce as well."

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