New ICT hub aims to upskill local workers to rise in Baguio

PHILIPPINES: A digital transformation center that will serve to “strengthen the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) entrepreneurship ecosystem” will soon rise in Baguio City, local government officials have announced.

Located 1,400 metres above sea level and an easy four-hour drive from Manila, Baguio City is known as the country’s "summer capital" and a major university town where half the population is below 30 years old.

This young and well-educated talent pool has attracted multiple international business processing centers to station their respective hubs in the city, making outsourcing a major contributor to the its economy and development.

Local government officials observed that the same young work force will need upskill opportunities if they are to sustain the city’s economy and employment.

It is for this reason that the city and the Department of Information and Communications Technology officials recently forged an agreement to design, build and operate a critical digital infrastructure, particularly the National Government Data Center and a Digital Transformation Center. The project is estimated to cost PHP 890 million (USD 17.8 million).

“Our goal had always been to build a better investment environment for the ICT industry, to ensure abundant job opportunities for our workers, and to create more thriving local economies across the country,” the centre's Secretary Gregorio Honasan said.

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