New HR report: Malaysian employees struggle with burnout

MALAYSIA: Over half of Malaysians are experiencing employee burnout, according to a survey conducted by a human resource solutions provider.

Employment Hero's Employee Wellness Report 2022 revealed that 58% of its respondents admitted feeling burnt out from their jobs in the last three months.

Results show that employees who struggled with a poor work-life balance were 45 percent more likely to have felt burnt out. Malaysian workers in the 18-35 age group were 20% more likely to experience burnout.

“Those who felt burnt out were 9% more likely to feel that their productivity was low. Employees with poor productivity were 278% more likely to feel a poor sense of work-life balance,” the report states.

While half of the surveyed employees considered their firms to be "very supportive" of their mental wellbeing, the other half claimed they still felt uncomfortable disclosing mental health issues at work due to the fear of receiving penalties.

Meanwhile, workers who described their company's actions for employee wellness as “good” affirmed they were 32% more likely to show loyalty to the company.

“With many employees feeling the aftermath of these tumultuous years in the forms of mental health issues and burnout, the workplace needs to adapt to create a working environment that is able to retain and attract top talent,” Employment Hero co-founder and CEO Ben Thompson said.

The findings were based on data gathered from 1,016 Malaysians between the ages of 18 and 65 from diverse industries, with the majority (80%) working full-time.

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