New connections for the “jobs that matter”

Updated: Jan 5

INTERVIEW: Switching industries is no simple act for an accomplished marketing professional. And transitioning from promotional campaigns within the fast-moving consumer goods industry to helping build a region-wide job search and career advice platform could be one of the bigger leaps the profession has seen in recent years.

Still, Hernando Betita III, Seek Asia’s senior regional marketing manager, has handled the move with plenty of enthusiasm for the “product.” After joining the company in 2020, he readily led the “Jobs that Matter” campaign, armed with its moving message of hope for jobseekers and aid for employers to find passionate talent amidst a pandemic.

Put marketing and promotion to one side, and jobs are still at the forefront of the economy and society as a whole. In this exclusive interview, Betita tells the Chief of Staff Asia that he sees himself as one of those front-liners for economic recovery, guided by the purpose of improving lives through better careers. He also delves into questions of Seek Asia’s employer brand evolution, using technology in hiring, and the latest HR trends that have emerged in the ongoing pandemic.

Creating job markets, while also seeking talent

COS Asia: Seek Asia has been growing throughout Southeast Asia, with several acquisitions over the last few years. What is your broad mission across the region?

Betita: Our mission is to help improve the lives of 500 million job seekers through better careers and to help five million organisations in Asia succeed. We aim to be the ultimate career and talent partner for that scale of job seekers and employers in this region.

COS Asia: What do you look for in professional talent? And what are the key skills or professions that you hire for your organisation?

Betita: As well as technology, we have sales, customer care, key account managers, HR, accounting, and finance departments. Not all of them need to have deep tech expertise. But in our product development and marketing departments, we focus on people with digital marketing expertise, tech programmers, and developers so that they can adapt more easily.

COS Asia: How is the search for that talent going so far?

Betita: It can be difficult. Seek Asia is not that well known yet as a brand. People don’t know that Jobstreet and JobsDB are part of this one group, (and it is now) one of the biggest in the world. We’re still working on improving our employer branding.

COS Asia: What is that specific employer brand of Seek Asia, or what do you hope it to become?

Betita: The employer branding for Seek Asia is still in its infancy. There's legacy employer branding for Jobstreet and JobsDB. In 2019, we did an in-depth study to define our employer branding by comparing perceptions to define our employer value proposition.

Three things emerged: First was “supportive culture” — we care for employees over the long term. The second was that we have “an inspiring purpose,” which is something that needs to run in the veins of every “Seeker.” Lastly, “build and grow together.” That means investing in cutting-edge technologies, and opportunities for the company, and for people to grow.

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