Netflix is recruiting more talents in the Asia Pacific

ASIA-PACIFIC: Video-on-demand streaming giant, Netflix, is on a hiring spree in the region based on a GlobalData report.

According to the analytics company, Netflix opened around 120 jobs in the Asia-Pacific between July and November 2021, a 43% increase compared to the same period in 2020. New jobs were advertised in Singapore, Japan, India, and South Korea in October 2021, the highest in over a year. Additionally, in November 2021, 32 active jobs are open for recruitment, twice the number since September 2021 in Thailand and other roles for Southeast Asia.

Netflix is also planning to recruit for its security and intelligence teams for risk assessment in content acquisition and to ensure the safety of its APAC teams.

In Laos, Cambodia, and the Philippines, Netflix is driving its production and public policy-related requirements.

GlobalData’s research showed the company’s plans for job creation, boosting localization efforts, and developing product strategy.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals analyst at GlobalData, said: “The increased hiring in the region comes at a time when paid net membership additions in APAC are 2.2 million, the highest since Q2 2020, claimed Netflix. The company is developing creative global localization strategies and building regional partnerships for APAC countries.”

He noted that the ‘Director, Grow Creative – APAC’ role is intended to fill local talent gaps, workforce upskilling, and promote diversity and inclusion in Australia, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

“Coming off the recent release of much-acclaimed shows, Netflix is shaping strategies in the APAC region and more so in South Korea and other SEA (Southeast Asia) countries. Hiring pattern reflects the company’s focus on APAC region as competition for subscribers gathers momentum,” commented Ajay Thalluri.

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