Singapore Airlines brings an end to its Covid-19 hiring freeze

SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines, the nation’s flagship carrier, has announced the end of its almost two years of freeze in hiring for new cabin crew.

According to a spokesperson of the SIA Group (owner of Singapore Airlines), the carrier is currently hiring anew through its website, and is also urging former cabin crew to apply. The airline said it has been gradually adding its capacity and it would continue investing for its future recovery.

The SIA Group let go of more than 4,000 employees as part of a cost-cutting strategy at the beginning of the pandemic. Some 2,400 of them were laid off, while the rest went on voluntary unpaid leave. In total, the Singapore Airlines staff reduced its workforce by around 15%.

The company noted, "Most of our pilots and cabin crew have returned to active duty with SIA.”

It added that ex-employees interested in reapplying will be shortlisted and selected according to merit and fitness for the job.

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