MyRepublic: Building a holistic people strategy

Updated: May 5

INTERVIEW: Where does Deborah Woollard, Group Chief People Officer of MyRepublic, draw her HR management abilities? Is there any part of her job that she finds unenjoyable? Find out here as we delve deeper into her career and MyRepublic’s unique position in the market.

COS Asia: How would you define or measure the success of any program that you implement?

Woollard: We measure it by its impact on business and people’s performance through a range of input and output measures. But ultimately, we will look at our success through the attainment of business objectives and employee engagement. As we experiment with different work practices, staying connected to our employees is most important. We are constantly evolving to meet emerging needs, and staying at the forefront of innovative and disruptive thinking.

COS Asia: With your programmes’ successes, where did you gain your expertise?

Woollard: The knowledge and expertise come from my experiences. I have had the privilege over the years to work in some amazing companies across different industries and geographies at very different stages of their business life cycle. This has allowed me a first-hand experience of different people, philosophies, and approaches whilst building an appreciation of what greatness looks like, as well as learning from the lessons of others.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with outstanding leaders and mentors who challenged and stretched my learning at different career stages. They encouraged me to continue to step outside my comfort zone, where the best learning often happens.

I have also led incredible teams that helped build my capabilities and appreciation of diverse styles, thinking, and approaches.

COS Asia: Is there any uninteresting aspect of your job, one that you struggle to embrace as part of your duty?

Woollard: There is no aspect of my role that I do not enjoy. An exciting and challenging aspect of building a holistic people strategy is that no one part can work successfully in isolation. Everyone has thoughts and aspirations for an ideal workplace. We have to ensure that these expectations are aligned and integrated into all aspects of the employee experience.

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