More jobs but with better policies in the 'green' economy

INDONESIA: Director of Manpower at the National Development Planning Ministry, Mahatmi Parwitasari Saronto, says investment in the so-called "green economy" can produce seven to 10 times as many jobs than the same investments elsewhere.

Speaking at the recent Conference on Green Jobs in Jakarta, she stressed, "The green economy sector is considered more labour-intensive, thanks to renewable energy development, electric vehicle industries, and improved waste management."

Saronto underscored the role of a green economy towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth, saying that it could help Indonesia become a high-income country by 2045.

However, she pointed out that challenges, such as the accurate definition of green jobs to be used in policy-making, the limited access to funding and technology transfer, and low quality education and training were still present.

"Thus, the government will formulate strong and effective policies to strengthen the collaboration among various parties regarding green economy development,” Saronto noted.

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