More job contracts for the disabled sought

THAILAND: The country’s labour ministry is hoping to generate 1,000 contracts from private companies to give disabled people more job security.

Private companies have guaranteed 568 positions for people with disabilities so far, including 329 contracts from a recent memorandum of understanding between the Thai government and seven major companies. These were Adecco, Italian-Thai Development, Guardforce Security, Bangkok Expressway and Metro, Huawei Technology, Chairatchakarn Group and Ek-Chai Distribution.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon believed that this job boost will allow people with disabilities to improve their lives, give them more access to state benefits as well as reduce social equality.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said that under Thailand’s labour law, companies with over 100 employees must hire at least one person with a disability. If they are unable to comply, they must contribute THB114,245 (USD3,483) annually to a special fund.

The fund, already worth more than THB800 million (USD24 million) a year, is aimed at supporting employers but offers no direct benefits for disabled people.

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