Morale, productivity impacted by 'boring' tasks, research finds

SINGAPORE: Ninety-one percent of employers in Singapore struggle to keep their workers engaged with their duties, according to a new research by intelligent automation solutions provider Laiye.

The Work Evolution Guide surveyed 1,300 respondents across four continents, revealing the negative effects of today’s work processes on workers and businesses, also known as the Work Execution Gap.

The gap is related to the Great Resignation, a worldwide phenomenon where 77% of Singaporean respondents see shrinking business productivity and over half of the employers claim a loss of revenue as a result.

In the APAC region, 43% of respondents said boring and inefficient office tasks are the major obstacle to productivity. Globally, 52% said employee burnout is the main reason impeding productivity.

“With major advances (in) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and key digital tools, we now stand at a critical juncture. Work has changed irrevocably, and frankly, it was overdue," Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye said.

“Even in highly developed markets like Singapore, managers face a particularly tough struggle dealing with the post-pandemic impact on employee satisfaction and business productivity.

"We need to create a new link between human and digital work, driving productivity while keeping human jobs fulfilling and engaging."

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