New 25% target for women in state enterprise leadership

INDONESIA: The Indonesian state-owned enterprises ministry is pushing for more female presence and leadership in state-owned-enterprises (SOE).

The SOE ministry is targeting 25% of women's leadership in state-owned-enterprises by 2023. It is also eyeing a 10% youth leadership by 2023.

"From the viewpoint of business sustainability, women, as top leaders in the company, are very important in ensuring that SOEs can continue to advance and transform for the better," said Deputy for HR and IT at the SOEs ministry, Tedi Bharata, in an online press conference.

The ministry has created programs and campaigns to reach its target. One example is the Srikandi BUMN program that provides mentorship to women.

Recently, the SOE ministry collaborated to host #GirlsTakeOver which gives women the opportunity to take over leadership positions in the ministry.


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