Upskilling opportunities priority for millennials, survey shows

SINGAPORE: More than seven in 10 millennials find it important for their employees to offer them opportunities, according to a Randstad survey.

The eagerness can be attributed largely to the competitive labour market, forcing people to reskill for better career progression.

Generation Z (77%) and Generation X (66%) employees also share the same sentiments.

“It’s important for Singaporeans to feel skilled enough to not just perform their work, but also have access to new job opportunities in a highly competitive labour landscape," Jaya Dass, managing director for permanent recruit in the Asia Pacific at Randstad, said.

The survey also found more than half (53%) millennials feel their employers have not given them enough opportunities to develop roles. Fifty-six percent of Generation Z employees and 41% of Generation X employees also feel the same.

The fear of losing one's job is very real for employees who are not able to keep up with digital transformation.

In a world where more companies are moving towards an employee-centric culture, the survey found that 31% of Generation X employees worry about losing their jobs if they don’t keep up with the digital transformation.

“Companies need to be constantly investing in the skills development of their workforce to maintain a level of security for their employees.

"When people recognise how their work contributions have a positive impact on the company, they are more likely to be more engaged and productive in the way they interact and work,” added Dass.

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