Medical certificates not required from Covid-19 survivors at work

SINGAPORE: The country’s Ministry of Manpower has advised that medical certificates will no longer be required for previously Covid-19-positive employees to get back to work.

Singaporeans are able to undertake a self-administered antigen rapid test in government-funded testing booths. The results are then reflected on their digital health files within 30 minutes. One week after a positive test, employees are now presumed to be clear of the virus without having to undertake further health checks.

The Ministry says this is to reduce the burden on the country’s healthcare workers who continue to be overwhelmed by the rising number of patients with severe Covid-19 symptoms. It will also cut the queueing at hospitals and emergency areas where patients line up to secure medical certificates only.

“I want to reiterate that these visits are not necessary and they risk compromising the standard of care for other patients who genuinely require medical care,” said Manpower Minister Dr Tan See Leng.

“I think it’s important to gain everyone’s cooperation, everyone’s support, in this particular period, especially given the fact that there is quite a fair bit of resource constraints,” he added.

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