Manulife rolls out new learning platform for insurance advisors

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Manulife has launched a new, mobile-first learning management system for its insurance advisors in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The new learning platform, ManuAcademy, will also be rolled out in Hong Kong as part of the company's strategic focus on fully digitising its agency force. It is expected to support learning and development for more than 144,000 advisors across all five markets.

Underpinned by artificial intelligence, the platform supports the development of advisors' careers at all stages, including onboarding, and working with customers on their health, retirement, and protection needs.

The platform uses gameplay and rewards to motivate consistent participation, and long-term engagement.

"Accelerating the growth of a thriving, digitally-enabled agency force in Asia starts with quality recruitment, then development," said See Sen Mak, Chief Agency Officer, Manulife Asia.

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