Manpower shortages derail Singapore's tourism recovery

SINGAPORE: Transport Minister S. Iswaran says the tourism sector in Singapore is struggling to recover because of key manpower shortages.

Iswaran noted that while Singapore has seen improving traveler numbers, it still has fewer than half the numbers it was used to before the pandemic. He told the World Economic Forum in Davos that getting experienced tourism personnel back into front-line positions has been slower than expected.

"The systems have not been able to keep up; that's quite evident looking at the crunches in various airports," he said. “You can't just flick the switch… you’ve got to get (people) trained; you’ve got to get your processes running. So it takes a bit of time."

During the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) Tourism Industry Conference, Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan revealed that the tourism sector will receive half a billion-dollar funding for its recovery initiatives that will address the labor shortage and create new growth opportunities.

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