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Manpower shortage looms over Singapore retail industry

SINGAPORE: Nine in 10 Singapore retail employees agree that there is a manpower shortage in the city-state, the National Trade Union Council (NTUC) Learning Hub’s Industry Insight Report 2022 in Retail found.

The report based on a survey of 200 retail employees in Singapore and interviews with industry experts also revealed that retailers need to address workforce concerns, with 44% of respondents saying they plan to leave the sector in 2023, citing low salaries, dealing with unreasonable customers, and long working hours.

About 50% of retail employees surveyed said that their employer have not offered any support in career development. Sixty-nine percent added that they haven’t attended any training programmes in the last two years.

The report also found that employees are interested to develop relevant skills in people and relationship management, communication, data analytics, problem identification, and social media management.

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