Malaysians see the pandemic as a driver of work-life balance

MALAYSIA: The majority of workers in the country feel that the pandemic has motivated them to improve their work-life balance.

In Randstad’s H2 2021 Workmonitor survey, the human resources solutions agency highlights the workforce’s latest sentiments and perceptions of the local job market.

One of the results shows that more than three in five Malaysian respondents had reassessed work against their personal goals, with work taking an increasingly lower position on the priority list.

Moreover, two in three respondents said that they felt more stressed since the pandemic began, with plans to make changes to their work lives.

Fahad Naeem, Head of Operations at Randstad Malaysia said working from home and Covid-19 restrictions had deprived many employees of participating in social activities that allow them to unwind after work. "Companies should continue to offer support to their staff, even after they return to the office this year, and constantly remind employees to take breaks and manage their workload to avoid burnout.”

94% of the respondents said that the pandemic had made them want more flexibility in their jobs and careers, and reconsider their life priorities and career goals.

In terms of finding meaning in personal and professional goals, more than four in five workers said that these goals had become clearer since the start of the pandemic.

Many of the surveyed workers highly valued a work culture that promoted employee wellbeing and flexibility, with 64% of them wanting a safe work environment, 52% the opportunity to do meaningful work, and 49% the job flexibility to fulfil commitments outside of work.

“People are re-evaluating their career decisions in the pursuit of their professional and personal development as well as to understand their role in the changing world of work," Naeem added. "For example, contracting job opportunities are becoming more attractive as employees get the chance to work in different environments and develop their skills quickly. Contract roles also offer a higher level of flexibility where they can negotiate their working hours, or take breaks between their contracting stints to rest.”

The Randstad 2H 2021 Workmonitor survey was conducted in September 2021 across 34 global markets with a minimum of 800 respondents in each.

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