Malaysian government lets firms set endemic phase work SOPs

MALAYSIA: With the region now immersed in an endemic phase of Covid-19, employers and individuals have been advised that they should each decide on their own work-from-home guidelines.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said restrictions on workforce capacity had been abolished from April 1.

“There are employers now that have permanently moved to the work-from-home practice. But there are also employers who look at the situation, for example, if many of their workers are down with Covid-19, work-from-home would be encouraged,” he said.

Meanwhile, SME Association of Malaysia president Ding Hong Sing said that employees must begin testing and reporting onsite, given some operations of some businesses have gone to 100% capacity.

“If there is a positive Covid-19 case in the office or factory, then they can close for seven days and temporarily work-from-home,” he said.

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