Malaysia sits last on Covid-19 Resilience ranking

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

MALAYSIA: Malaysia has come out last in the most recent Covid Resilience Ranking, by Bloomberg, among 53 of the world’s largest economies surveyed.

The ranking, which began last year in November and is updated monthly, looks at how each nation has handled the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysia’s best ranking was 16th out of the 53, but it has dropped drastically to the last few spots since April.

In June, Malaysia ranked 51st. It dropped down to 52nd in July, and then finally to the last spot in August 2021.

Bloomberg says that despite half of the population being already vaccinated in Malaysia, there has been a huge spike of cases, with daily numbers into the 20,000s. This has been one of the largest surges seen globally.

The business news service also noted that the nation’s central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia had halved its growth target of between 3% and 4% this year.

The current bottom rankings are all Southeast Asian nations, with Thailand (49th), Vietnam (50th), Indonesia (51st), and the Philippines (52nd) all struggling against the Delta variant.

“Nine of the top ten nations were in Europe, with Norway clinging on to the top spot for two months in the running," Bloomberg said. "It administered enough shots to cover 60% of its population, kept fatalities at a very low level and opened its borders to vaccinated travellers."

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