Young Singaporeans job-hopping for better pay

Updated: Mar 7

SINGAPORE: Fears of being underpaid are why three in every four Singaporean workers aged between 18 to 24 look for another job, according to a study by HR agency, Randstad.

Many senior employees aged 55 to 67 (49%) also feel the same way based on the findings of the latest Workmonitor survey.

In total, 64% of Singaporean employees believed they were under-compensated.

Of the 39% who said they had been promoted during the pandemic, one in five claimed not to have received a salary increase that would normally accompany such an increase in responsibilities.

Jaya Dass, managing director for Randstad Singapore said that with the pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, there gas also been an increasing fear of digitalisation and automation among Singaporean workers. "The pandemic has made it difficult for workers to accurately predict how digitalisation will impact their career prospects and demand for their skills,” she said.

About 78% of those planning to upskill, mostly younger professionals, are still choosing which course to enroll in.

“The rapid technological changes and digitalisation have created new jobs that require specialised skills and knowledge, bringing about new career challenges for our younger generations. There is also a general lack of time and energy to upskill as employees take on more workload with tighter deadlines,” Dass said.

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